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About rProfiler

rProfiler Graphs is a GameMaker extension for measuring and debuging your game performance.
It adds/render simple but very useful history graphs on top of your game. And during playing your game, you can watch how much video and system memory eats your game, or where is bad FPS, and high CPU load. And you can also watch for number of instances and all particles.
So you can more precisely measure requirements of your game, and debug and polish your game performance.

Description of new Markers version will be added soon.
News / devblog

01.12. rProfiler Markers alpha2 released! Few slowdown bugs fixed.
28.11. Overview picture for Markers version: here
28.11. rProfiler Markers alpha version released (see downloads)!
06.11. New version called "Markers": preview
02.03. v0.3 released - fixed drawing, when your game is using views
01.03. v0.2 released - now you can change position, size, and alpha of graphs
01.03. First public rProfiler Graphs released
01.02. Idea for GRAPHS version

^^ 2008

01.08. Stopped works on rProfiler FULL
16.06. Reworked user interface, and improved/added few functions.
22.05. Added zoom/detail window.
21.05. Reworking the one window UI to more windows (to save screen space).
21.05. Added detection how much videoram your game consumes.
20.05. First real tests, on Nanozoa game.
20.05. Now you can watch time whicg GM spent on every object, like in real profiler software, just see new, screenshot :)
19.05. New window design polished. Option to change window aplha added.
19.05. Detect number of all resource types added
19.05. Now is possible to create graphs from GM, and let them show your GM variable!
19.05. Few improvements
19.05. Added detection of GM application memory usage.
19.05. First release.

^^ 2007


All downloads include simple HOWTO and simple test game.

Markers v0.2 : 560kB (alpha version 2)
Markers v0.1 : 560kB (alpha version)
Graphs v0.3 : 1.3MB (alpha version)
v0.2 : 1.3MB (alpha)
v0.1 : 1.3MB (initial alpha release)

screenshot screenshot screenshot
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